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We're your small & friendly digital agency! We help startups & established small businesses around the world with creative work. We do our best to improve your online presence and help you grow.

ArtSvitlyna was established in 2010. Over the years we've helped tens of businesses with services ranging from branding to custom web development. We'd be delighted to work with you on your next project.



Every aspect of your online presence – colours, images and logo design, layout and navigation; all matter when you are trying to catch the eye of a potential new client.
We design outstanding branding and unique responsive websites to give you the edge over your competitors.


We design and build great-looking websites that work on every device. Using the latest responsive design techniques - fast, functional and eye-catching websites is what we do.
Symfony, php, mysql, javascript, jquery, xml, xsl, xslt, smarty, css, html, ajax — this is a brief list of the techniques we are using.


It’s important to stand out in a competitive world. To make that happen we create brand experiences, based on engaging and relevant design. From your vision and values to how you look, act and speak, it’s a unique expression of everything your company stands for.


Short videos (footage) for your ambitious video projects. Fulfill your brand with moving pictures and your project will be on a higher level.

ArtSvitlyna, webdesign, webdevelopment, identity


Corporate Identity

ArtSvitlyna, webdesign, webdevelopment, identity


Webdesign & Webdevelopment

ArtSvitlyna, webdesign, webdevelopment, identity


Logo Development

ArtSvitlyna, webdesign, webdevelopment, identity


Logo Development






UKRANIAN EMBROIDERY — is a project that has two directions.Ukrainian embroidery, Victoria Kondysenko’s embroidery making embroidered products and household knickknacks. The second direction is Ukranian embroidery, School of Ukrainian embroidery — is an educational program that aims to spread the culture of wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes in everyday life.
This goal is realized through publications, master classes and lectures, cooperation with public and social projects and organizations.

UKRANIAN EMBROIDERY — this project contains 2 branches. Ukranian embroidery, author's needlework from Victoria Kondysenko products producing and [домашніх дрібничок] using author's needlework and Ukranian embroidery, ukraininan needlework school [classes] — educational program. Main aim is to spread the culture to wear national clothes nowadays.
We are publishing information in blogs, helding master-classes and lectures, working with public and social projects and organizations.

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